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Adventure Activities :
rw White Water River Rafting
rw Rappelling
rw Adventure Trekking
rw Bird Watching
rw Jungle Safari
rw Kayaking
rw Night Camp Fire
rw Crocodile Watching
rw Nature Walk
rw River Crossing
rw Coracle Ride
rw Other Activities


White Water River Rafting :-

White Water River Rafting

If you are fond of adventure, Dandeli is the place for you. You go upstream in a jeep first and then get basic how-to's of white-water rafting. Thereafter you are taken aboard an inflatable boat and the fun begins! While at places the water is calm, at other places it is everything but calm and you are sent plunging down the river. You are in safe hands since experts accompany you. Click For Pictures..

Rappelling :-


This is a high-on-action sport for those who are immune to 'Alto phobia' or the fear of heights, or even those who wish to get over this phobia. You get to climb the steepest of cliffs and come careening down suspended by all but one rope! One wrong step could mean trouble – may be not severe, but at least a few bruises and the likes. However, there is no need to worry since our experts take care of everything. Come into the world of rappelling on the stark rocky cliffs of the Sahyadri mountain ranges here at Dandeli. Click For Pictures..

Adventure Trekking :-

Adventure Trekking

The sanctuary is really vast and is a great place for Adventure Trekking. It may be difficult to spot too many animals due to the thick forestation, but you might see a few Malabar Giant Squirrels Hornbill and Bisons, Deers, Snakes and if you are lucky, Tigers, Elephant, panthers and several more. The variety of birds you can see here is excellent. We take care to ensure that getting the permission from the Forest department to go on your trek is made as easy as possible. Dandeli is especially famous its considerable hornbill population. The biodiversity you get to see in Dandeli is truly amazing. Click For Pictures..


Bird Watching :-

Bird Watching

Dandeli truly is the ornithologist's paradise. The main bird species here include Indian and a large variety of other birds and there is no better time to watch each of them in their natural habitat than on such a safari. the varieties you get to see here are Magpie Robin, Paradise Flycatcher Shrikes, Blue Headed Ground Thrush, Pompadour Green Pigeons, Drangos, Woodpecker, Sunbird, Indian ruler, Kingfisher. Crested Serpent Eagle, Pied Hornbills, Jungle Babblers and many more birds. Recently conducted faunal survey indicated the presence of more than 270 bird species belonging to 45 families of which 19 species are endemic. Dandeli can be turned into a potential destination for bird watchers. Our team of naturalist will provide you full knowledge of the birds sighting with the information on trees and their uses. Click For Pictures..

Jungle Safari (In Open Jeep) :-

Jungle Safari (In Open Jeep)

Dandeli is a natural habitat for wildlife. Dandeli Jungle Safari in open jeeps into the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary accompanied by trained naturalists are the best way to view wildlife here. Sighting animals could be one's luck also. The thick vegetation and undergrowth in Dandeli makes it difficult to sight animals easily though they are present here in good numbers. Bison, spotted dears, langoors, poisioness snakes and pythons, and a couple of Malabar Giant Squirrels are commonly spotted. Click For Pictures..

Kayaking :-


This is an activity done individually in a narrow shaped boat in a sitting position with your legs spread the experience can be slightly humbling for balancing the boat as you follow your instructor besides you. This activity is mainly conducted in the Supa reservoir, which is a man-made Reservoir that spreads over a huge area making it seem more like a sea. There are small islands in between where you can camp in absolute privacy since the entire area is un-inhabited. So get set go paddling away in glory and have a lot of fun while enjoying this unique experience. Click For Pictures..

Night Camp Fire:-

Night Camp Fire

An holiday without a night camping is absolutely same as having a meal without spices how boring ist'nt it ? so lets add spice to your holiday by giving you an night camping having a bonfire where you could either chill out or just be relaxed in the chilled climate of the forest we give you nght camping in an open spice in the middle of the jungle, on a hill top, on an island and just infront of the tents. Click For Pictures..

Crocodile Watching :-

Crocodile Watching

On the banks of the kali river in dandeli you will see a huge hurds of crocodiles you might feel scary but no worries as crocodiles love to see humans around them, they might even take a glance at you. You need to be very quick while sighting them as you might just see a glimpse of them vanishing into the water as quick as possible. You will enjoy this activity walking through the banks of the river Kali. Click For Pictures..

Nature Walk :-

Nature Walk

Come lets respect mother nature as she welcomes her kids spreading her arms wide in the beauty of nature, lets walk through the bamboo and teak jungles for hours without end enjoying the early morning mist ,with cool breeze following along,hearing the birds singing, the crashing voice of the bamboos while they hug each other. If you luck follows along with you your lucky enough to sight a elephant, panther, a king cobra. The pleasant climate of mother nature will never let you get tired. Click For Pictures..

River Crossing :-

River Crossing

I am sure we all cross roads in our daily life so now lets have that same crossing experience but this time its not the road but a river. The river water flowing in small waves above the huge black rocks with a loud noise. Tiny islets exist in the midst of the vast man-made Supa reservoir. The entire area is un-inhabited surrounded by lush greenery, teak plantations. Click For Pictures..

Coracle Ride :-

Coracle Ride

This is an activity which is basically done in a round shaped boat where in at a time only four people can be accommodated. There is no fear of turning of the boat as its round shape is the main reason behind it. While having a coracle ride with our naturalist you can enjoy the wonderful scenaries, you could also sight some birds, different type of trees etc. Click For Pictures..


Few Other Activities :
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Natural Jaccuzi Bath Cycling Sight Seeings Burma Bridge
Little Tibbet River Swiming Sathodi Falls & Magoda Supa Dam
Little Tibbet River Swiming Sathodi Falls & Magoda Supa Dam
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Target Shooting Water Zorbing Syntheri Rocks  
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